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Performance video: “Wedding Music Box”, from the performance piece “Iron Wedding”, 2018.
        This is a clip from the multi-disciplinary, collaborative performance piece "Iron Wedding", presented at the Eighth International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Scranton, PA.  This short excerpt from the performance features "Wedding Music Box", a kinetic sculpture by Allen Peterson.  The sculpture plays "Music Box Theme in C Major", by Nicole Bovasso.  Cynthia Handel is featured as the music box dancer, and Matt Toole assists in the operation of the machine.  Jenny Hager was the organizer of the overall "Iron Wedding" performance, of which this is a brief excerpt.
Performance video: Crosspollination Fields, 2016.
        Performance art led by Allen Peterson on 08 May 2016 at the opening reception for Sculpture Fields at Montague Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Gallery of performance art and interactive work
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Video from the Paying Your Dues/ Fame Stage project, 2014.
[Two musical performers, bicycle, wood, steel, wheels, sound.]
A bicycle cart as a tiny stage for musical performance, rolling on the Atlanta BeltLine bicycle trails!  It takes two musicians to operate, alternating between pedaling the bike and playing onstage – equal time is the deal.  This project was ongoing from August - November 2014.
Videos feature participants in the project.  From top to bottom:
•Val Koons playing improvisatory dobro
•Sean Moran playing his original song "Scapegoat"
•Brandon Peyton-Carillo playing his original song "Fireflies And Warm Summer Nights". (The acoustics under this viaduct, along with a spectacular BeltLine mural as a background, were so good that we had to stop the bike for this moment.)
Performance video: Interlink, 2007.
Presented at the Southern Conference on Cast Iron Art, Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, Birmingham, Alabama.  Giant cast iron chain links were cast in quick succession, each being removed from the mold while still hot and reinserted into the mold for the next link to be formed.  While on a technical level this was a moldmaking feat, the imagery of a giant chain suggests the capability of any technology, old or new, to do helpful work or to bind and control.  The manufacture of a cast iron chain becomes a metaphor for working together and community, while the laborious action involved with manipulating molds and metal also brings up the contentious and charged role of the laborer throughout history.
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