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Fire Pokers

I recently discovered that I like to make fire pokers.  These are hand crafted -- I forge, weld, and shape them out of half-inch diameter steel rod.   They make great gifts for anyone who likes to preside over the fire pit, fireplace, or campfire.

Pictured to the left, from top to bottom:

• The Trident, $130.

• La Fourche, $80.

• Pizza Time, $80.

• The Standard, $50.

These are custom made to order, so each one varies just a bit.  The pokers shown to the left are approx 53 inches, because that's what I like.  Except the Trident, which takes it even further at 68 inches.

FirePoker_The Standard.jpg

The Standard

This is the first one that I made -- for function, nice design with no frills.  OK maybe the hand-forged handle is a frill.  It looks great, and makes the task of rearranging fiery wood even more delightful than it has always been.

Pictured at approx. 53 inches, but made custom at any length.


FirePoker_La Fourche1.jpg

La Fourche

This one is mostly like the Standard, except it's got two hand-forged tines.  But that is a delightful difference.

Pictured at approx. 53 inches, and can be made custom at any length.


FirePoker_La Fourche_detail.jpg

The Trident

Sometimes you just want the most awesome fire tool that you could imagine.  If you can imagine a cooler one, let me know and I will make it for you -- but until then, I'm pretty sure that the title goes to the Trident.
This one is extra long (pictured at 68"), which suits its regal style.  This makes it wonderful for the grand outdoor fire pit -- or maybe your indoor fireplace area has room for all this action too.


These fire pokers are made to order on an individual basis. 

 Click Here  to place an order -- it's a quick note to the artist who makes them in Atlanta, GA.

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