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Gallery of work: AP Fine Arts

My business is to make great-looking artwork for your life, where you will enjoy it every day. 
I often make architectural metalwork, custom gifts, murals, and other custom or commissioned works of art.
Custom design is my specialty – see the images below for examples.

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AP Fine Arts, Gallery 1: Architectural metalwork
AP Fine Arts Gallery 1: metalwork
AP Fine Arts, Gallery 2: Custom gifts
AP Fine Arts Gallery 2: gifts
AP Fine Arts, Gallery 3:
Custom murals
AP Fine Arts Gallery 3: murals
Custom Fire Pits by AP Fine Arts

These days I have been making my own design of fire pits!  They are hexagonal, about 15 inches tall by about 30 inches in diameter, and are made from 1/8" steel plate – that's about double the thickness of the steel fire pits that you'd buy at the big box stores.  I have been selling these hand-built, locally made fire pits for $500 each -- AND that includes your choice of custom lettering, imagery, or logo!

Please take a look below for some ideas.

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Or click on any image for more info.

AP Fine Arts:
The Fire Pit gallery
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